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Welcome to the website of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Croatia to the United Nations in New York.

Croatia become UN Member State on 22 May 1992. Since then Croatia was a member of all the main bodies of the United Nations, serving as a non-permanent member of the Security Council in the term 2008-2009, serving twice on the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), from 2000-2002 and 2013-2015, chairing the UN Peacebuilding Commission (2014), and currently serving on the Human Rights Council in the term 2017-2019. It remains dedicated to continue contributing to the work of the United Nations through membership in various bodies, and has therefore decided to present candidatures to the ECOSOC for the term 2022-2024, and to the Security Council for the term 2030-2031.

Croatia was particularly involved in the establishment of Sustainable Development Goals and remains committed to their realization on the global level. Along with development, Croatia is especially dedicated to the eradication of inequalities and to the protection of women and children. Additionally, policy priorities guiding our engagement within the United Nations include disarmament, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and a deep desire towards a functional, transparent and effective UN system. In this regard, Croatia has made a signification contribution to such efforts with Ambassador Drobnjak’s co-chairmanship of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Revitalization of the General Assembly in four consecutive sessions of the Assembly (2014-2018).

As the European Union and NATO Member State, Croatia actively contributes to the maintenance of international peace and security. Once the theatre of the UN peacekeeping operations (UNPROFOR, UNCRO, UNTAES, UNMOP), Croatia grew into the provider of peacekeeping assistance, participating so far 19 UN peacekeeping missions throughout the world with more than 1,370 personnel.

On our website you will find an overview of Croatia’s priorities at the United Nations which are anchored in our dedication to effective multilateralism, international law, respect for human rights, and strong commitment to the ideals and principles of the UN Charter.

We hope that you will find our website useful and informative with regard to the effective promotion of Croatia’s policy priorities in the United Nations, and invite you to explore other websites related to Croatia, many of which are linked to this site.

Thank you for your interest in Croatia.