Zamjenik stalnog predstavnika Republike Hrvatske pri Ujedinjenim narodima, g. Danijel Međan, održao je govor tijekom interaktivnog dijaloga s predsjednikom Vijeća za ljudska prava u okviru zasjedanja Trećeg odbora o Izvješću Vijeća za ljudska prava

New York, 13. studenog 2013.

Mr. Chair,
allow me first to thank the President of the Human Rights Council, Ambassador Henczel, for presenting the 8th annual report of the work of the Council and also for the opportunity to comment on the work of this august body.
The Republic of Croatia aligns itself with the statement delivered by the European Union, and wishes at the same time to make several additional comments in its national capacity.
Mr. Chair,
We would like to commend the President of the Human Rights Council for the excellent way in which he conducted the complex and comprehensive work of the Council and in particular for his wise leadership that has enabled smooth functioning and successful sessions of the Council.
We are particularly pleased that his excellent facilitation led to the participation of all scheduled countries at the 17th session of the Universal Periodic Review. In that way, the principle of universality has been fully confirmed and the UPR continues to successfully complement the UN special procedures in monitoring the human rights situation on the ground. 
The Human Rights Council managed to preserve its leading role in addressing urgent country human rights situations and continued to provide technical assistance and capacity buildings to the country in needs.
We would also like to ask a question regarding the selection of candidates for the appointment of 18 special procedures mandate-holders at the 25th session. As the Consultative Group is central to this selection, and having in mind its heavy workload and tight timeframe, what is, Mr Henczel, in your opinion, the best way for the Council to deal with this situation, not just for 2014 but in future in general?
Thank you.